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Why is it worthwhile to learn a foreign language live online?

Have you ever missed a lesson just because of the weather conditions? Was it too cold? Was it pouring with rain? Have you ever missed a lesson because you could not get there? Couldn’t you get a ride down to the city? Perhaps you had some reason to stay home?…

Loip for siblings (2 people – 1 lesson – 1 price)

Enrolling their children for a course or lessons in a traditional language school, parents often receive a discount, but still are to pay more than for a single student. Here, with Loip, the number of participants at one lesson does not affect its price. Therefore, I encourage parents to take…

How to teach live online (via Skype, Hangouts, etc)?

1. Check your Internet connection It’s important that you know the quality of your Internet connection. For that I recommend taking a test to see how good it is. You may use ( It determines the quality of your broadband Internet connection. Streaming media, voice, video communications, and online gaming require more…