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Homonyms – homophones, homographs, homonyms in learning English

Homonyms are divided into 3 groups, i.e. homophones, homograms and homonyms. Homophones have the same pronunciation, but different spelling; Homographs have the same spelling, but differnt pronunciation; Homonyms have the same pronunciation and spelling. HOMOPHONES How can we use homophones in learning a foreign language? Let us look at the…

The classification of Polish verbs (conjugations)

Polish verbs can be classified into 4 main classes (conjugations). I would advise you to learn, for each infinitive, what the 1st person singular and 2nd person singular forms are. The other forms of the present tense may be predicted from these two forms. Here are the four classes (conjugations)…

Why is it worthwhile to learn a foreign language live online?

Have you ever missed a lesson just because of the weather conditions? Was it too cold? Was it pouring with rain? Have you ever missed a lesson because you could not get there? Couldn’t you get a ride down to the city? Perhaps you had some reason to stay home?…